Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lazy mom

So Halloween came and went and babes did not wear a costume, Honey did not wear a costume, I did not wear a costume. I'm actually glad I did not buy costumes for the younguns this year because Halloween was canceled (for the Americans at least) due to the craziness of the last week. However, I fully intend to go to the websites for the post Halloween sales and purchase a Darth Dog and Yoda baby costume for my wee ones so that next year we will take whatever country we are in by storm or stormtroopers in our Halloween getup.
This is, of course, on the heels of an email I got from my brother entitled "why dogs bite people" ( which shows dogs looking pitiful in their Halloween costumes. I scanned the email looking for good costume ideas for the crazy dog.... but I still think Darth Dog and Yoda baby are the best (followed closely by Bat Girl and Robdog).