Monday, December 22, 2008

Naked Booty!

At home all day with a baby I usually end up making up songs for activities that do not already have songs to go with them. For instance, you know the oldie but goody "this is the way we wash our face" well I have added to that, the Dirty Diaper song (to the tune of the Indiana Jones theme) and Naked Booty (to the tune of Are You Sleeping). For whatever reason the Naked Booty song has taken off with Babes. At any given time she can launch into a rendition of "Naked Booty Naked Booty Naked BUTT! Naked BUTT!" I personally think that she is adorable singing it especially because she emphasizes the "BUTT!" And naked comes out like Nakey. But my mom is horrified. She thinks that Zora will be kicked out of preschool (even though she is not yet two and there is still a whole year before she will get to school, which in my opinion is plenty of time to forget an undesirable song) or that we will be in church and she will start singing that. Which still won't embarrass me because we sing the song at bath time to get out of all the clothes so there is nothing wrong with it.
Although yesterday in the car she just started shrieking NAKED BUTT! for no reason at all. I might be a little embarrassed by that.