Friday, December 07, 2012

McDonalds at your door!

This past weekend it was raining and cold, and we were tired and hungry, but too lazy to go out.  There was food in the house, but nothing lent itself to last minute cooking, when I hit upon an idea- I was going to order McDonald's for me and the kid (hubby had tummy troubles and didn't want to eat)!  I've done it before.

Chengdu had McDonald's delivery too, but there were other things to order like Mike's Pizza (if you live in Chengdu and have not had Mike's then you must do it now..I'll wait while you order).  So far, I haven't found anything that will deliver here in Wuhan--ok that's not true, what I mean to say is that I have not found anything in Wuhan that I can order without a conversation something like this (translated for your benefit):
Me: Hi I'd like to order some food for delivery
restaurant: EH?
Me: I'd like some chicken, green beans, and shredded potatoes
restaurant: What? You want to butter your nose?
Me: No, I'd like some chicken, green beans, and shredded potatoes
restaurant: What? (indistinct muttering, second person comes on the phone) EH? What do you want?
Me: I'd like to order some food.
restaurant: (holding phone away from mouth) there's some crazy foreigner on the phone, I can't understand a single word.
At which point either I will give up in frustration or the restaurant will.

Which brings me back to McDonald's.  They (and KFC) have figured this out and have created an ordering hotline where you call a central phone bank, you can order in Chinese or English and they will send the order to your local McDonald's and they will send the food TO YOUR DOOR!  OR even better you can order directly from the website and they will send the food TO YOUR DOOR! (can you tell how excited I am by this discovery? In Chengdu, the food couldn't come to our door, we had to go out to the outer gates to get it) The fries are a little cold, but everything else arrives as it should (of course, if you don't like McDonald's to begin with, delivery does nothing to improve it, but I think it's okay from time to time)

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