Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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I just love this picture

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New Year!

It's the New Year (yeah I know I'm late) and we are already back in gear! After the child and husband mutinied I was forced to leave the tree up an extra week, but it's finally down. I don't know why, I think it's parental influence, but having the tree up past New Year feels a bit like clinging to the old year. I like to have Christmas done and put away so that we can get onto new business!
My sister is coming this week and I plan on taking a TON of photos and we're doing a bunch of traveling so I hope to take some time to update the TRAVELING part of my now non-travel related blog. Maybe I should change the description of my blog. Because really it's now more about stay at home mommying overseas. We don't travel NEARLY as much as we used to. *SIGH* I miss it. BUT little sis is coming and then we are headed back to the US to try to visit EVERYONE, and then when we get back, well I don't know.
But for now Happy New Year everyone!