Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in Chengdu

So you may not have noticed, but we left for the holidays.  We packed up in early December and just got back last week.  I planned a couple of posts out in my head, but never got around to writing them while we were on vacation, so hopefully I'll get around to them this week.  All in all it was a pleasant trip, I got to see my parents, my siblings, my new niece (YEA!), and several friends.  Plus there were blue skies.  People talk about dreary days in the US but while we were there the gray days were relatively few.  It was also really warm, unseasonably so.  It worries me a little.  While I was grateful for the 50 degree days, Philly should not be that warm in January. 
And now we're back in Chengdu for Chinese New Year.  Happy New Year everyone and have a great Year of the Dragon!