Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Walking in Wuhan Zhongshan Park edition (Bonus-SMURFS!)

Hi All!  Here are some shots taken while walking through Zhongshan park.  Despite the fact that it's pretty close to our house we have never been there before.  It's a decent sized park, and it even has a small amusement park inside it, complete with fun houses, roller coasters, and creepy kid rides.

The Smurfs were not a Zhongshan park, I just happened to come across them one morning on my way to buy bagels at Wuhan Tiandi.  I think they were set up as part of a promotion for The Smurfs 2.  Imagine my surprise when I came across a (what I imagine to be) actual sized smurf village.  I wanted to go inside and play with them, but there was security posted, so I refrained.

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